Food & Nutrition


  • Ages: 1st—5th grade
  • Date: Wednesday, October 3rd
  • Time:  5:30—7:30pm
  • Place: Gillespie County Extension Office
  • Cost: $5.00/participant
  • Deadline to Submit Payment: Friday, September 28th

Participants will learn basic cooking skills and nutritional information. This workshop will include learning about general skills in kitchen safety, garnishing techniques, function of ingredients and how to use a melon baller.  We will also prepare foods to eat.

Food & Nutrition events will be announced in the monthly newsletters, in weekly e-mail blasts, and on this website. For more information please contact Shea Nebgen, a Gillespie County Extension Agent, at 830-997-3452.

  • Participation in contest is not required. The workshops are for everyone.
  • County Food Show is held in November
  • District Food Show is held in December
  • State Food Show is held at 4-H Roundup in College Station in June
  • Age for County: 1st grade – 12th grade
  • Age for District and State:  3rd (and 8 years old)- 12th grade


Food Show

  • Date: October 29th, 2018
  • Place: Gillespie County Extension Office
  • Entry Deadline: October 11th
  • District Food Show – December 7th

Youth members will choose a recipe to prepare.  Participants will bring a nutritious dish prepared at home to the show to be presented to judges.  Each member will enter one recipe into the County Food Show and all recipes will be listed in the yearly cookbook.

  • Beginner: 1st & 2nd graders
  • Junior: 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders
  • Intermediate: 6, 7, & 8th graders
  • Senior: 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th graders

The Food Show Theme is “Restaurant Recreations”.  What is your favorite restaurant entrée?  Is it an appetizer like fried cheese sticks or a main dish like Chicken Alfredo?  Maybe your favorite dish is a side dish like sweet potato fries or chips and salsa?  Most Americans feel an evening out with family or friends qualifies for indulging in a few extra calories.  However, the low nutritional value and high calorie and fat content of some of your “favorites” may shock you!

This year’s 4-H Food Show theme, Restaurant Re-Creations, challenges you to take your favorite dish and make it a healthy one! Find ways to “recreate” the taste by using alternate ingredients and cooking methods.  During your food show interview, discuss the substitutions of ingredients you utilized to acquire the same taste and quality as the restaurant serves.

See under “Contests”  for current guidelines and study resources

  • Workshops conducted by project leaders (4-6 meetings)
  • Starts in September and goes through November
  • Workshops include learning about the food groups, the amount of servings needed, food preparation techniques, and preparing a meal.
  • Contests – you bring a nutritious dish prepared at home.  Participants should be knowledgeable about preparation, the nutrients the dish contains, and what it does for one’s body.
  • Participation in contest is not required.  The workshops are for everyone.
  • County Food Show is held in October.
  • District Food Show is held in December.
  • State Food Show is held at 4-H Roundup in College Station in June
  • Age for district and State: 3rd – 12th grade

Food Challenge

  • County Contest: October 29th
  • District Contest: December 8th in Kerrville
  • Team sign up deadline is October 3rd!

Think of “Iron Chef, 4-H Style” where teams of 3 or 4 members will compete together to create a recipe from ingredients without actually having the recipe! Other components of the contest include figuring cost per serving, creating a team presentation, and being judged on their preparation, food safety and presentation.   Please contact Shea Nebgen at or 830-997-3452 to sign up.

See under “Contests” for rules and guidelines as well as study materials

  • Learn preparation, food safety, nutrition, and cost analysis while preparing a set of ingredients without recipe directions
  • Workshops conducted by project leaders (4-6 meetings)
  • Starts in September and goes through December)
  • County Food Challenge is in October
  • District Food Challenge is in December
  • State Food Challenge is held at 4-H Roundup in College Station in June
  • Age for County, District, and State: 3rd – 12th Grade

The Food Challenge is a team event, with each team made up of three to five 4-H members. Each team is randomly assigned to one of four categories main dish, fruit and vegetable, bread and cereal, and nutritious snacks. The two phases of the contest include: (1) Preparation from a set of ingredients provided, representative of one of the four categories, team members must work together to develop a recipe and prepare the dish within 40 minutes. During the preparation phase, teams must also prepare a presentation for the judges. (2) Presentation: Team presentations should explain the preparation steps, nutritional value of the dish, functions of the nutrients, food safety practices and concerns related to preparation and storage of the dish, serving size and cost of the dish.


Nutrition Quiz Bowl

District Contest is December 8th, 2018 in Kerrville

This team activity helps participants learn core concepts of nutrition, food preparation, and food safety.  The contest follows a ”game show” teaching method and teams will compete against other teams in our district in hopes to advance to State Roundup.  Practices will begin the week of October 1st, 2018.

See under “Contests” for Quiz Bowl Study Guide for 2018

In the foods and nutrition bowl, 4-Hers are tested on their knowledge related to the foods and nutrition project. 4-Hers compete in teams of four in a quiz bowl format.

  • County contest is dependent on number of individuals entered
  • Contest held in conjunction with the District Food Show
  • Contest involves answering questions about food and nutrition
  • Age for County, District and State:  3rd – 12th Grade


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