When: Online entries available January 23rd – January 31st, 2017 through 4-H Connect (


  • 3rd – 5th grade: Juniors
  • 6th – 8th grade: Intermediates
  • 9th-12th grade: Seniors

Cost: Entries submitted by the deadline are paid for by the Gillespie 4-H Adult Leaders, so participants will enter county/club check as their payment option.  Entries submitted between February 1st – 3rd will need to be paid for by the participant since these entries are late.

Photos must have been taken between April 16th, 2016 and February 1, 2017 by the 4-H member.

Each 4-H member may enter up to three photos, but each photos must be in a different category.  A 4-Her cannot enter multiple photos in the same category.

Please read the rules and guidelines for instructions on the format to submit photos and the category descriptions.

2017 District 10 Photography Contest Rules & Guidelines (pdf)




Senior level 4-H members only:  9th-12th graders

2017 Texas 4H Photography Contest Rules (pdf)

Theme:  For 2017 the theme is “Reflections”. These are photos shot off any natural or artificial reflective surface.  A well-excited shot will be able to show perfect symmetry or a slightly distorted shot.  Examples of photographs in the theme would be, but not limited to, photos from lakes, a window pane, a mirror, or a polished/wax car.  4-H members are encouraged to be creative when thinking about reflections in everyday life and where they are seen.

Changes to rules for 2017.  Photos must be 8X10 in size with a quality resolution.  Over the past two years the majority of disqualification in the contest have occurred when the photography is too small to be viewed by the judge when downloaded from 4-H CONNECT.

Additionally, please remember that all photos must be the original work of the 4-H member submitting the photograph.  No photograph can be submitted which has been taken by other 4-H members, a family member, or any printed/digital source.  All photos will be scanned through a reverse image search.

Entry Period:  April 1, 2017 to April 15, 2017 through 4-H CONNECT.  Rules can be found online


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