Project Forms

4-H projects are the educational experiences that youth who are members of 4-H participate in. 4-H members can also participate in self-directed projects which are not listed as long as they meet the requirements for a project.  For more information and a list of 4-H projects, you may visit this website:

The 4-H slogan is “Learning by Doing.”  4-H members complete learning experiences called 4-H projects.  A project is an area of interest that the 4-H  member wants to learn more about.  The project consists of at least six learning experiences and provides in-depth learning experiences for the member.  A 4-H member may participate in one or more projects each year.

Project Pins

Project pins are presented to Gillespie County 4-H members annually during the Awards Banquet in July.  To be eligible for a project pin, members must submit a completed project record form.  Only one pin is awarded each year.  If more than one project is completed, the 4-Her will have to choose which pin he/she wants.  The project record forms are generally due sometime in June.


Gillespie County Project Forms:


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