Quality Counts

What is Quality Counts?

Quality Counts is an online program designed to teach youth to have high standards in caring for their livestock.  The program focuses on displaying good character while working with livestock. This number is required for ALL stock show entries (county AND major stock shows).

How do we prepare for the exam and where do I go to take the Quality Counts Exam?

Exhibitors will access the course and exam at  https://www.texaslivestockvalidation.com/qc/qcregister.aspx

Step by step instructions on how to complete this process can be found by clicking:  Quality Counts Enrollment and Exam Instructions

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My 4-H member has taken the quality counts exam previously, does he/she have to take it again?

It depends on the exhibitor’s grade level. Exhibitors must take and pass the exam as a junior once (grades 3-5), as an intermediate once (grades 6-8), and as a senior once (grades 9-12).


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