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Plantastic Vegetable Gardening Mini-Seminar on Feb. 2nd, 2018

The Plantastisc Mini Vegetable Gardening Seminar will be on Feb. 2nd at the Gillespie County Farm Bureau building. This mini seminar will start at 8:30 am with registration, with the official program starting at 9 am and ending by 12:15 pm. The first session is a 45 minute program with basic vegetable gardening information geared towards growing in Gillespie county. Session two is going to be three concurrent 25 minute programs. You can choose between a topic such as Tomatoes, Garden Pests or Herbs. Session three is another 25 minute three concurrent program session, with your topic choices between Raised Beds, Foodscaping, or Onions and Garlic. Session four is the final concurrent program session, with your choice between Compost, Potatoes, or a repeat of Tomatoes. The program will end with a Question and Answer session with Master Gardener Vegetable specialists.
The cost for this program is $20 if you pre-register by Feb. 1st at noon, and $25 if you pay at the door. Please call the extension office and bring your money by to pre-register. The Farm Bureau Building is located at 237 Equestrian Dr in Fredericksburg. If you have any questions about this program, or any plant related topic, please feel free to call us at the extension office at 830-997-3452. Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you there!

To register, come by the office at 95 Frederick road, or call us at 830-997-3452.

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Gillespie County Junior Master Gardeners

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Plant ID Team

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