FLL Robotics (Grades 4-7)

Robotics is a project that takes place August through January of each 4-H year.   In Gillespie County 4-H, we compete as teams under the FIRST FLL (First Lego League).  More information about FIRST and FLL can be found by visiting http://www.usfirst.org).   Sign-ups for the project normally begin in July of each year and the project fee is $75.00/participant.


2016-2017 Animal Allies

Overview of the season

The Robot Game

The Research Project


FLL – First Lego League

What will I do in FLL Robotics (pdf) – brief PowerPoint presentation of what youth will do in the FLL project

  • Grades 4-8
  • New Field Set Up each year
  • Contest consists of performance of robot to complete pre-assigned tasks, research on a given topic, and presentation of that topic at competition
  • Can compete in one qualifying tournament (December or January)

EV3 Programming Videos




Online Learning Resources

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy – great place to start learning how the EV3 robot works  http://education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/roboticscurriculum/getting-started/

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy: http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/

Robot Virtual Worlds: http://www.robotvirtualworlds.com/virtualbrick/

EV3Lessons.com: http://ev3lessons.com/lessons.html#en-us

Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners – EV3: https://cs4hsev3robots.appspot.com/preview

Virtual Robotics Toolkit:  https://virtualroboticstoolkit.com/features

Texas Tech University Lego Robotics: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/tstem/curriculum/robotics/index.php




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