Fashion & Interior Design

Fashion & Interior Design Project Description 1Fashion & Interior Design Project Description

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Fashion & Interior Design Project Opportunities

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  • Duds to Dazzle
  • Fashion Storyboard
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Show
  • Natural Fiber Contest


  • Junior: 3rd (and 8 years old) – 5th graders
  • Intermediate: 6th-8th graders
  • Senior: 9th-12th graders (have not surpassed their 18th birthday as of August 31, 2017)

Duds To Dazzle

See look under “Contests” for more information

Teams of 3 to 5 receive textiles and each team has 60 minutes to create a new product using item from the supply closet. Each team provides their own supply kit (Supply kit list found in Duds to Dazzle guide). LINK The teams then present their item to a team of judges. You may also be tested on what you have learned about how the clothing & textile industry impacts the environment, specifically the waste stream.

Duds To Dazzle Duds To Dazzle

Fashion Show

See look under “Contests” for more information

Designed for 4-H members to showcase their skills in buying and construction. You will create a clothing or fashion item, turn in paperwork explaining your item, complete an interview with a panel of judges, and last but not least, model the outfit on the runway.

Natural Fiber Contest – Senior  Age Divisions Members Only

See look under “Contests” for more information

The Natural Fiber contest is part of the Fashion Show. Members choose to buy or construct an outfit made from either cotton or wool/mohair/alpaca. You will exhibit what you’ve learn about cotton and wool/mohair. Specific fiber contents are found in the contest guidelines

Fashion Storyboard

See and look under “Contests” for more information

Fashion Storyboard is an industry-inspired method of displaying original designs. The storyboard “tells the story” of the designer’s idea. The storyboard includes original illustrations, flats, and more to promote the design.

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