Stock Show Entries

2019 Major Show Book – document that contains the schedule, abbreviated rules, and weight breaks for upcoming major stock shows.  For complete rules and guidelines, please see each major show website.

 2019 Stock Show Entry Fee Spreadsheet– document that you can use to figure your entry fee total at major stock shows

Fort Worth

  • Entry Deadline: November 9, 2018
  • Entry Form:  2019LivestockJrEntryForm
  • NOTE:  One entry form per animal is required
  • If you are entering the Junior Breeding Heifer Show, you must bring a copy of the original registration certificate to submit with your entry.



Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show – Kerrville

  • Entry Deadline:  November 19, 2018
  • Entry Form:2019-HCDJLSA-entry-form
  • NOTE: If you are wanting to enter the Kerr County Livestock Show instead of the Gillespie County Junior Livestock Show, this will require separate entry forms.  The Kerr County Entry forms are only available at the Extension Office in Kerrville or Fredericksburg.


Texas Elite Showcase

Kerrville, TX

This is a new show open to gilts of the Certified Texas Bred Registry (CTBR).  According to the Texas Elite Showcase catalog, “The gilts must have been bred, farrowed, and raised in Texas and have a valid CTBR certificate.  CTBR certificates are furnished to eligible breeders; exhibitors should request the certificate from the breeder of the gilt.”

San Angelo

San Antonio


Rodeo Austin

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