Gillespie 4-H News

We all know that there is a lot going on weekly in Gillespie 4-H! Between group texts, e-mails, practices, club meetings/activities, deadlines, due dates, validation orders etc. there is a need for constant communication from the county office! In March of 2023, the Gillespie 4-H program has transitioned to a Gillespie 4-H Blog that will host This Week in Gillespie 4-H Posts and other general information posts that we usually would send via email.

Welcome to the Gillespie 4-H BLOG!

  • The 4-H blog will host all our weekly This Week in Gillespie 4-H information for you to review every Monday, it will archive old blog posts for you to go back and look for if you missed something and will include informational blog posts regarding general 4-H information that comes in email (validations, poultry orders, project information, etc.)
  • NO MORE EMAILS? You can subscribe to receive emails to each This Week in Gillespie 4-H Blog Post! Subscribe box is located the right hand side of the page.
  • Will the blog be the only place information is shared? No, we will continue to do our best to highlight important information on our public Facebook page, private Facebook group, and via email!

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