Weed and Brush Control

Chemical Weed And Brush Control (pdf)

Rangeland Risk Management for Texans Common Brush and Weed Management Mistakes (pdf)

2014 Suggestion for Weed Control in Pastures and Forages (pdf)


bobcat cedar 3 (3)

bobcat cedar 3 (3)


Learn about Invora® Herbicide Training and Stewardship

Applicators must complete training before they can use Invora herbicide. Applications must be made by or requested and approved by landowner/land manager. This requirement is to ensure the manager of the land at the time of application understands and accepts the stewardship responsibilities for managing herbaceous vegetation, treated brush material, manure resulting from livestock grazing on the treatment site, and proper clean-out of livestock prior to transport to susceptible crops or off the ranch. For more information, please visit Training and Stewardship | Bayer Environmental Science US

Brush Control

Brush Management Methods (pdf)

Brush Busters Mixing Guide (pdf)

Brush Control for Small Acreages (pdf)

Controlling Brush with Herbicides to Increase Ranch Profits (pdf)

Prickly Pear


Weed Control

Sprayer Calibration Guide (pdf)

Weed Identification Using Plant Structures as a Key (pdf)






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