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Economic & Legal Considerations for Hemp Production in Texas

A group AgriLife Extension Economists recently released, “The Economic and Legal Considerations for Hemp Production in Texas”, a series of videos completed with funding from the Southern Risk Management Education Center. The series will provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing economic and legal risks during the production of hemp. You can find the video series at:


This video series details:

  • An overview of the hemp plant, and basics of hemp production
  • The laws and regulations to know and comply with when producing hemp in Texas
  • A brief overview of budgets for hemp production
  • Crop insurance for hemp
  • The FARM Assistance program and its potential uses when growing hemp.

The series is completely free to all viewers.  We also ask that even if you only view a single video from the series that you take the survey, which will help with our grant reporting.   The survey can be accessed by a QR code at the end of each video in the series.   


Hemp 1. Initial Questions & Texas Legislature. March2019.doc

Hemp 2. Major Questions for a Texas Industry. July2019

Hemp 3. Critical Questions for Texas Farming. July2019

Hemp 4. Summary of Typical Hemp Info. Meeting. July2019

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