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Economic & Legal Considerations for Hemp Production in Texas

A group AgriLife Extension Economists recently released, “The Economic and Legal Considerations for Hemp Production in Texas”, a series of videos completed with funding from the Southern Risk Management Education Center. The series will provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing economic and legal risks during the production of hemp. You can find the video series at:


This video series details:

  • An overview of the hemp plant, and basics of hemp production
  • The laws and regulations to know and comply with when producing hemp in Texas
  • A brief overview of budgets for hemp production
  • Crop insurance for hemp
  • The FARM Assistance program and its potential uses when growing hemp.

The series is completely free to all viewers.  We also ask that even if you only view a single video from the series that you take the survey, which will help with our grant reporting.   The survey can be accessed by a QR code at the end of each video in the series.   


Hemp 1. Initial Questions & Texas Legislature. March2019.doc

Hemp 2. Major Questions for a Texas Industry. July2019

Hemp 3. Critical Questions for Texas Farming. July2019

Hemp 4. Summary of Typical Hemp Info. Meeting. July2019


Dr. Tom Isakeit, AgriLife Extension plant pathologist, posted an update on common hemp diseases in lieu of the June edition of the Texas A&M AgriLife Hemp Newsletter. You will find this document linked below for reference.

Hemp Diseases in Texas 2021

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