Summer Dormant Tall Fescue Grass Trial

Summer Dormant Tall Fescue Grass Trial

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension is seeking cooperators who would be interested in participating in a forage grass trial. We are looking for three roughly 1-5 acre plots (deer proof fenced plots are preferred).

Two to three different varieties of grasses being Flecha, Prosper, and possibly one other will be planted.  These are cool season summer dormant tall fescues.

The seed cost will be covered.  Cooperators will need  the ability to devote several acres for up to three years to see how the varieties  will establish and perform.  We are looking at these grasses as an alternative/companion to small grains for more reliable grazing through the fall and winter.

Fields will need to be properly prepared to ensure a good seed bed is prepared.  Any weed control and fertilization that is require.  We will need to coordinate the planting process with all of the cooperators involved so that planting depth and seeding rate are uniform across all trial plots.

Cooperators will need to be able to restrict grazing for the first year and control the grazing for year two and three.

If you are interested in participating this more information can be obtained from the two documents below.  Please contact Brad Roeder at 830-997-3452 or if you are interested.

Flecha Grass User Guide (pdf)

Summer Dormant Tall Fescue Management and Use for Texas (pdf)

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