Hill Country Youth Commercial Heifer Show & Sale


2022 Commercial Heifer Show Information 

Deadline to submit entries:  April 1st, 2022 

Validation Date & Entry Fee Deadline:  Saturday, April 30th from 8:00am – 11:00am at Gillespie Veterinary Center

Expense Form / Recordbook Deadline:  October 14th, 2022

Show Date:  October 18th

Sale Date:  October 19th at Jordan Cattle Auction

We are excited to share that the Hill Country Commercial Heifer Show and Sale is currently entering its seventh year of existence.  It all started with a group of passionate ranchers who believed in facilitating an opportunity for youth to acquire knowledge of life in the commercial beef industry.

This project is one that is undoubtedly most practical in terms of its goals.  Participants from seven counties commit and dedicate six months to raise three commercial female heifers.  Throughout this experience they learn about the dynamics of the beef cattle industry including all aspects of animal husbandry, estrus synchronization, genetics, problem solving, recordkeeping, and marketing.  At the completion of their time invested, the participants, as producers, have the opportunity to defend every decision-making process throughout the raising of the females via an expense summary form and oral presentation to a prospective buyer.

Year after year, we observe that this commercial heifer project has made a lasting impact on the young producers’ futures.  We believe this commercial beef industry model could grow and adapt towards extra opportunities including, but not limited to the following:  additional leadership opportunities, broadening educational perspectives, and increasing the real-world application prospect to further enhance the knowledge base of all youth involved.

The longevity of this excellent agricultural program and educational opportunity will continue to be expanded upon and sustained by your generous support.  We hope you take part in this inspiring vision of promoting the agricultural industry by educating the youth through an enhanced yet practical hands-on experience.  We aim to promote excellence in our youth with the highest quality of leadership, education, and agricultural service our world deserves.  Thank you for this opportunity to share our passion with you.  For additional information or questions regarding this show, please contact Micah Walker at 903-439-5935.

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