Chill Hours

Chill hours will be updated every Friday until the peaches start blooming (except on Dec. 29th, 2017). If you have questions, please contact the office or email

Current Chill Hours (Using the under 45 F method)

967 Chill Hours

Current Chill Hours (Using the Dynamic Model)

40 Chill Portions

Current Chill Hours (Using the 32-45 F Model)

692 Chill Hours


Last update: 3/1/2018

Historic Chill Hour Readings for Fredericksburg:
2016-2017 Season: 460
2015-2016 Season: 819
2014-2015 Season:948
2013-2014 Season:1094
2012-2013 Season:1182
2011-2012 Season:950
2010-2011 Season:1000


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