This page is dedicated to those who may have questions on the pipeline that will be established in various sections of Gillespie county.





Texans for Property Rights is a diverse coalition of organizations who believe in protecting the private property rights of Texans against abusive practices, particularly by private corporations who use the government sponsored power of eminent domain. Our mission is to create a unified voice for Texas property owners to demand legislative action to protect all Texans’ inherent right to private property.

The Texas Native Seeds Program is a statewide initiative working to enable the restoration of native plant communities in Texas.  The program works to develop and commercialize native seed sources, conduct restoration research, and to provide landowners, agencies, and industry with science-based recommendations on restoration practices and native seed use.  Please contact regional project representatives listed at the link above for native seed mix recommendations for right of way restoration in any area of Texas, or with questions on site handling and reseeding methodology.




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